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10/25/01 Smackdown
Nidia, looking fine as ever, is shown backstage being cornered by Tazz. He starts threatening her and talking trash, until Al Snow steps into the picture and tells Tazz to stop picking on his "kids," and then challenges Tazz to a match later on Smackdown.

10/18/01 Smackdown
Nidia accompanies Maven down to the ring for his match against Tazz. Tazz gets the upper hand on Maven and then goes for the pin, but Nidia reaches in and pulls on Tazz's leg, which allows Maven to get the roll-up and the pin.

10/15/01 Raw
Clip is shown backstage of Nidia and Jacqueline talking with the APA. They want Nidia and Jacqueline to come down to the ring with them when they fight Hurricane Helms and Lance Storm. They arrive at the "office" and notice that the Hurricane and Mighty Molly are nearby on the Hurricycle. The Hurricane says that they will take the APA out of business, and then drives off. The whole office comes apart as the Hurricane had it tied to the Hurricycle. Bradshaw then says, "stand back, there's an ass-kicking coming through!"