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Name:  Nidia Guenard
Nickname:  Liny
Weight:  125 lbs.
D.O.B.  3/12/79 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Hometown:   Houston, TX

Federation:  WWF
Recognitions:   2001 Tough Enough female winner
Education:  Dobie High School, Class of '96
Siblings:  One sister, Lourdes
Pets:  4 dogs, 4 ferrets, and one cat
Hobbies:  Clubbing, reading, meditating

Favorite wrestler:  Jeff Hardy
Favorite dish:  Salted tofu
Favorite drink:  Water or Kool Aid
Favorite supplement:  Myoplex cookie and cream bars
Favorite TV show:  The Simpsons
Favorite band:  N'Sync
Favorite actor:  Brad Pit and Jim Carey
Favorite actress:  Angelina Jolie

Flirtatious, carefree, generous, fun loving, 
determined individual

Interesting facts:  Doesn't smoke or drink and is a vegetarian.
Heard about Tough Enough competition from her sister because
she didn't have a TV at the time